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Soul Readings by Brett

A Soul Reading is session where I connect with who you reallly are, your esssence so to speak, and talk to you from that place.  This can help you bring into focus what’s really, positively true about yourself. What are your essential gifts? What are your core issues? Areas of confusion and blocks? What kinds of activities and energies are helpful to you – not in a general sense – but very specifically about you and your soul patterns/nature? How can you connect with your higher purpose?
Do you use cards, crystals or other oracles?
I can, but usually do not. As we talk, I will have distinct sensations, images, impressions, feelings and other experiences arise that I will ask you about. So you could say that all the devices used for a reading are within. 

What do you get in a reading?
Every reading is different. I don’t have an agenda other than to connect and communicate as clearly as I can what presents itself - which is you.  You miight learn about hidden talents and gifts. Frequently, I'll get impresssion of specific activities that can help you. I often pick up information about spiritual paths from your past and present. If there are big blocks or issues in your way, these usually present themselves. Also, I have a knack for dreamwork and a special relationship to dreams. Much more can happen, it's a big world inside.
How does it work?
I take a few moments to get mindful, then bring my full attention to you. Usually my attention is drawn to something right away like your smile, tone of voice, turn of the phrase or  of some other way to enter into a state of Loving Presence. From here, the rest is easy. I just stay present with the experience and using the techniques learned and talents developed over the years. You can find out more in the FAQ
Where do you do readings?
Readings are best in person. I work in the Seattle area and live in Bellevue Washington.  While in person is best, phone sessions are also very fun. Online sessions using a video camera are also easy to do.
How do you do this without hearing my life story?
That might be fun and interesting, but not necessary. Your whole self is presented at each and every moment. With some practice, one person can know another person quickly and deeply. (See the book Blink for examples of how this can occur).
What kind of training and background do you have?
That’s a long story. I’ve studied with some of the best talents in the world. That has helped.
Are you a pastor or minister?
In the truest sense.  My ordination comes from spirit, not from an organized religion


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