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Can I get a reading over the phone or Web?
Yes. We can arrange a call or online video meeting.

What will get from reading?

The goal is help you connect to your essential nature - the inherent capabilities qualities, gifts, resources you have available. What is it that you have that is unique to the world? When I look inside, there is no way to predict what presents itself. There may be others that show up to help. Sometimes someone you know from the past. Sometimes a spiritual guide or messenger. Each person is unique and that is why it's so fun. Often, part of the experience is naming challenges and potential blocks or maladaptations that are active.  A reading is not structured. Each person is different. It is generally, though, a very rich experience.

What is a soul?

Your soul is the essence of who you are. You natural self. The being that was put in this body and all the characteristics, capability, capacities, and connections that you have. You are a richly endowed being. We just forget that sometimes. I know I do.

Do you do psychic readings?

Yes but it is more than this. The basis for the work is a mindful practice called Loving Presence as taught by Ron Kurtz. When the "reader" or practitioner is working from this state of being, all kinds of information is available. Some of it comes from the subtle levels based on impressions and intuition. Significant amounts of information about who you are and what you're experiencing is also available based on verbal and non-verbal  "indicators" such as an interesting choice of words, the pace at which you talk,  or a slight gesture. I've been trained in a practice called Hakomi that provides an beautiful and elegant method for exploring underlying content associated with such indicators. All roads lead home. What I mean by that is that no matter what you start with, an impression, a gesture, a turn of the phrase - they all lead to the same place - your essential nature.

Do you do predict the future?

Sometimes information does come through and I report that if it does.  In general, the key to future is the present. Exploring what's going on for you now, is much more useful in general than peering through the looking glass. In other words, my practice is not focused on trying to peer in to the future to predict what's going to happen. Even so, that does happen from time to time. In other words, if you want to know if you should move, keep hope alive for a relationship, accept a job make some other important decision - there are readers who will try to divine the right course of action for you, but I generally don't do that as I it is, in my opinion, a disservice. First, if the advice is incorrect, you can blame the reader for giving you bad advice and don't really have any recourse. But more importantly, it keeps the power outside of you. Generally, people have all the information they need to make the best decisions. What they don't have the right point of view, or grounding in a centered place so that the fog lifts and what is really important is left standing in clear view. When that occurs, it is MUCH more powerful than having someone say "turn here" and you blindly following instructions. My orientation is provide guidance and focus on what you need to do to clarify your perception and feelings so that you can make informed decisions. If you choose wisely, then great! If not, then you learn and adjust. In any event, you improve. That's my goal, to help you improve.

How about past lives?

Typically, details emerge on spiritual schools you are touched by.  In particular those that I've been around or have learned to recognize. This is one of the things sometimes jumps out at me. If you see someone wearing a Tshirt from a school you graduated from, you notice it. Not because you are walking around looking for them - but because you recognize the logo and colors and it brings to mind the experiences you had and speaks to a common experience.. So when I see someone from one the schools I've been through, such a mystical Christianity, that is generally clear as a bell to me. 

As a present focused practice, past lives are relevant in how they impact your current experience. For example, you may be carrying a gift from other lives that would be useful for you to know about name. This is often the case and is most frequently related to a family energy that carries some kind of gift, or problem.  I generally dont' go looking for this information however unless it presents itself. But feel free to ask.

Do you do energy work? 

I have strong boundaries around this. I never enter a client’s energy field when doing reading. Nor do I attempt clean your aura, clear you karma, etc. I'm not smart enough to know what's right for you and I trust whatever higher powers are at work here that this will occur for you as it should. It's just not my calling. Each person is different. That said, it happens pretty regularly that I will communicate with guides, guardians, your higher self - whatever you want to call it, and ask for your blessing or assistance. In effect, a prayer, but not just words offered into the air. A blessing and request for assistance placed on your behalf and with your permission to those energies and beings around you that are willing to help you. And they always are!  This can be a very touching and sacred moment for me personally. It is profoundly humbling to be in the presence of these energies / beings and their compassion and caring is overwhelming. If you can feel that as I do, you know what I mean, and if not - then my wish for you is that this lifetime, you have such a initiation, for it is just that.

Are you a medium or channel?

Sometimes people that have crossed over show up. This started happening for me about the summer of 2011. When it first happened it was very surprising. For example, I was doing a reading when suddenly old brown and white antique photograph of an  old Model T Ford suddenly jumped into my awareness. I have no relationship to cars or antiques of any sort so I asked the client if they had any connection to an old Model T. She replied that her grandfather, who had passed years ago,  had owned one and was very proud of it  She had a picture of the car at home. That she and her grandfather took a trip in the car and it was very important trip in her relationship with her grandfather. At that point, an image of her grandfather appeared and he was beaming with love and  this sense that he was saying "it will all be OK.  I told her this and she was very grateful saying that she and her grandfather were very close and she missed him a great deal.

Another time I was working with a client and felt hand had the image of her as child playing outside with a very good friend. They were holding hands but suddenly they separating. Their hands couldn't reach other and then the friend was gone. I told her this and she told me a story about how here best friend as kid had suddenly died and she missed him very much to this day. The friend was present and sending her love and wanted here to know that they were still best buds.

There are many others and this has been an aspect of my work that is becoming more significant. Even so, I don't promote myself as medium and I don't channel any beings. If someone that has passed shows up, I will mention it. Every reading is different, every person is unique. That's what I love about this work.


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